Students experience Henna Tattoos

Freelance artist Jessica Rassel recently demonstrated Henna tattooing to 5th grade students at Wilson Elementary school. Jessica is part of the Wilson Guest Artist Series where local artists from the Sheboygan area are showcased each month. Jessica said, “Henna tattooing is a tradition of self adornment and honoring rites of passages. Henna is ideal for weddings, pregnancies, graduations, birthday parties and celebrations of all kinds to highlight the importance of bonding with loved ones and the ritual of self-care.” Henna paste is a natural plant based material that comes in cone shaped packaging. Many people have compared the henna packaging to a pastry piping bag. The unique feature of henna is that the dye goes through color changes on a day to day basis usually lasting around 2 weeks.  

Wilson students were able to watch Jessica give live  Henna Tattoo demonstrations on Wilson staff members, Lisa Renzelmann, Donna Nienhuis and Charles Renzelmann. “Students were amazed by the amount of detail and steadiness and it took to create each Henna tattoo,” said art teacher Brian Sommersberger. After the presentation, students came up with their own henna tattoo designs and drew them on a printed pictures of their arms or hands.
In addition to creating Henna tattoos, Jessica specializes in graphic design, illustration and painting both residential and public murals in the community. For inquiries contact Jessica at


PAY DAY for Wilson Students

IMG_5550Its pay day for students at Wilson Elementary School! Our students earned a combined total of $237.50 in grades k-4 at the Sheboygan County Art Fair. Congratulations to all students who participated.

Artist Jessica Rassel Displays series of artwork inspired by nature and natural cycles

MOONpaintingEDITwLOGO“Inspired by nature and the effects of natural cycles, I aspire to create artwork using natural, found materials. With a passion for art, nature and healing, I incorporate positive energy into each art piece with the intent of transferring hope, healing and positive energy to people interacting with the artwork. Most influenced by my love for nature and healing is my Animal Totem Series of paintings on wood slices, Henna Tattoos and my Moon Phase information graphic. ”

                                                                                              Jessica Rassel   

Click on the Guest Artist Series link for more information.

Wilson Welcomes Beaver’s Recycled Signs

ErlienDesign_StylePortrait_WEB (12 of 12)
Wilson Elementary School is proud to display the artwork of  Beaver’s Recycled Signs for the month of September. The exhibition features their unique style of recycled hardware on distressed wood with dark stains. 

Brent and Zach participate in approximately 25 events per year which include selling pre made signs as well as creating custom, personalized signs for customers on site. Beaver’s Recycled Signs also hosts workshop events. During these workshops, they’ve hosted 20-85 people who have all designed and built their very own sign.

View more information on Braver’s Recycled Signs on the Wilson Guest Artist Link.