Welcome to the Wilson Elementary School Art Room

At Wilson Elementary school we believe that art inspires students to be creative and express their feelings and thoughts through visual creation.  For many students art has given them an area of success and expression that otherwise would be missing from their education. The art department teaches students using a Discipline Based Art Education philosophy. The content of this instruction focuses art aesthetics, criticism, history and production. These disciplines help students understand the value of art and the different processes and techniques for creating art.

About The Teacher:

Brian Sommersberger received his art education degree from Silver Lake College receiving teaching certificates in Art Education and Adaptive Art Education. He has been teaching art at Wilson Elementary school for the last 3 years and previously taught elementary and middle school art for the Random Lake School District. Brian served on the Wisconsin Art Education Association board as the North East Regional Vice-President from 2011 to 2013. In 2015, Brian received the Outstanding Art Educator- Elementary Division Award through WAEA. Brian has worked with artists in Kohlers Art Industry program along with volunteering at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center Artery.