PAY DAY for Wilson Students

IMG_5550Its pay day for students at Wilson Elementary School! Our students earned a combined total of $237.50 in grades k-4 at the Sheboygan County Art Fair. Congratulations to all students who participated.


Artist Jessica Rassel Displays series of artwork inspired by nature and natural cycles

MOONpaintingEDITwLOGO“Inspired by nature and the effects of natural cycles, I aspire to create artwork using natural, found materials. With a passion for art, nature and healing, I incorporate positive energy into each art piece with the intent of transferring hope, healing and positive energy to people interacting with the artwork. Most influenced by my love for nature and healing is my Animal Totem Series of paintings on wood slices, Henna Tattoos and my Moon Phase information graphic. ”

                                                                                              Jessica Rassel   

Click on the Guest Artist Series link for more information.