Photographer Pat Ryan Displays Artwork


Wilson Elementary School is proud to be displaying the artwork of Photographer Pat Ryan. The artwork is part of the Wilson Guest Artist Series for the month of October. The photographs on display are taken from Pat’s “Abandoned House” series from his travels around Wisconsin. Pat said, “I have always been interested in art but it wasn’t until I purchased my first camera that I realized I had something special in my hands.I am partial to landscapes, abandoned houses and buildings, I often hop in my car and head off on a road trip just for the purpose of photography.”


New Artwork is on Display at Wilson


Many students recently completed their first project of the school year. 2nd grade students learned about artist Wassily kandinsky and made warm and cool color circles. 1st grade students made square tessellations from construction paper and kindergarten students learned about Piet Mondrian’s Compositions of Blue, Red & Yellow. All artwork is currently on display in the hallways of Wilson Elementary School.

Wilson Elementary School to host Guest Artist Series


Wilson Elementary School is proud to announce the new release of a Guest Artist Series. The 2016-17 Series will feature 9 local artists in the medias of ceramics, photography, silk, and painting. A different artist will be featured monthly in one of Wilson’s display cases. Art Teacher Brian Sommersberger said, “The intent of the series is to create awareness about different types of art created in our community. Students will learn about each artist through artist statements and have discussions on the work displayed. Specific activities and projects will also be incorporated into the curriculum.” Local Artists featured in the series include Antoinette Mattern, Pat Ryan, Peg Haubert, Steve Thimmig, Dale Knaak, Patty Aker, Frank Juarez, Marty Carney and Richard Biemann.