Students Paint Book House In Memory of Grandma Renda

Special thanks to 5th grade students Ivy White & Nadya Bricko for helping paint and design the outdoor book house. These girls have been going to the art room every morning and lunch for  the past 2 weeks. Thanks so much for your help in bringing the book house to life.

Mr. Sommersberger helped the girls design and paint the book house in memory of Grandma Renda.  As part of the design, we wanted to capture parts of her heritage, interests, talents, and impact she had on our students.

The front of the book house shows Grandma Rendas work with the sheboygan Theatre Company, Bookworm gardens, Girl Scouts and teaching sign language to students. The sides represent her love for gardening and the smile she always put on our students faces. On the back side we wanted to capture her Irish heritage with shamrocks and show different occupations she had such as an flight attendant and memorialize her with a portrait. The lower portion represents all the different students Grandma Renda has helped with reading.