New Artwork Displayed in the Office


20151113_08531720151113_085302New artwork is currently on display in the Wilson Elementary School office. Principal Chad Renzelmann selected artwork by 5th grade student Anna Berg who developed a silhouette color wheel collage. Other artists displaying artwork in the main office are Claire Johnsrud, Valerie Yang, Ethan Piper, and Vue Xiong. The artwork will be on display for the duration of the 2nd  quarter.


Wilson 4th grade students learn about “Day of the Dead”



Students at Wilson Elementary School recently learned about the Spanish tradition Dia de los Muertos known to many as the Day of the Dead. This project consisted of three grade levels making artwork for the hallway display. Sugar skull designs were created by 4th grade students, Papel Picados (tissue paper banners) were created by 3rd grade students and skeleton creatures were created by kindergarten students. 4th grade students lead the way on the project by spending time researching different sugar skull designs and then making their own sugar skull  based on individual research. Mrs. Juana Marie Herman an ELL Educational Assistant has been presenting information on Dia de los Muertos for the last two years to students at Wilson Elementary. Herman said, “Halloween can be celebrated in different ways around the world. When I was very young in Mexico my grandma would take me to Dia de los Muertos parades to celebrate our ancestors.” Herman’s interest in Dia de los Muertos as a child has help inspire her to inform students unaware of the Mexican tradition. Students also had the opportunity to look at candy sugar skulls, chocolate skulls, metal figurines and photographs from  Dia de los Muertos celebrations. The artwork will be on display through the end of November.

Wilson 4th Grade students learn about “Day of the Dead”